Planned maintenance from 2020-11-05 08:00 CEST to 2020-11-05 09:45 CEST

Scheduled maintenance ReVirt Copenhagen 01 ReVirt DR VMware ReVirt DR Hyper-V ReVirt Backup ReVirt Copenhagen 02 ReVirt DR VMware ReVirt DR Hyper-V ReVirt Backup
2020-11-05 08:00 CEST · 1 hour, 45 minutes



Maintance done. Merge speeds will be monitored closely to see if the fix applied have increased the speeds.

November 5, 2020 · 09:44 CEST

Because of delayed merge times we have been working with Veeam to find a solution. Therefore we are applying a solution to fix the issue. is going down to apply the fix. All running backups will stop, and have to be started again.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Please do not hesitate to contact us on or phone +45 7020 4066 if you have any questions about planned maintenance.

November 4, 2020 · 11:38 CEST

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